Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Different Sort of Birthday Party

Students from Abilene Christian Schools at Trevor's Birthday Party

A man called me recently to let me know of an unusual event that would impact our ministry. His thirteen-year-old son, Trevor, was having his birthday party in a few days at a gymnastic center. I've been to several of such parties for our kids and others. But this one was going to be much different.

Trevor decided that instead of asking his friends to bring him gifts, he wanted them to bring something that would bless some children in need. His Dad asked me how they could benefit the Christian Service Center and the first thing that came to mind was school supplies. His Dad said, "That's perfect. I'll call you next week from the party so you can come pick up the supplies."

A few days later I found myself at the gymnastics center surrounded by a bunch of giggling adolescents. I arrived just in time to see Trevor's Mom cut the cake. Then Trevor's father introduced me and let me speak to these kids. I was so moved by what they did. And after joining them for cake and ice cream and taking the above photo, I headed out the door with several bags of school supplies and $113 in cash that the kids had donated.

Through their generosity, we were able to bless even more low-income children in Abilene who were in need of school supplies. I just love this story of some young teenagers who could be the normally self-absorbed kids that I certainly was at that age. But through the influence of their buddy Trevor, they experienced the joy of giving to others which Jesus tells us far surpasses the experience of receiving.

Happy birthday, Trevor. And thanks for the tremendous lesson you taught us about being others-centered.



At 9:14 AM, Blogger Serena Voss said...

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At 11:35 AM, Blogger Kathy said...

What a great story. That school is really doing a great job with their students.

Tuesday, two young kids rom the Christian School, probably 4-5th graders brought my Meal on Wheels.

The older of the two, very serious of mien introduced himself, informing that HE would be my deliverer every Tuesday for the whole year. The smaller and younger of two kind of held back, but smilingly gave me his name too after I first introduced myself, saying HE was the older boy's "assistant".

After thanking them profusely for the blessing of their service and congratulating them for being of service to others, they left for the next house with chest pushed out in glee. I'll certainly be looking forward to Tuesdays and seeing Riley and Scotty. What a blessing!!!!

At 2:04 PM, Blogger Jim Clark said...

Tremendous story of how these students are serving you, Kathy!


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